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mary moore mason is the London-based, award-winning editor of Essentially America, the only UK travel and lifestyle magazine exclusively covering North America.

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Image not availableRe: boys and girls (evis)
So sorry to hear that Dominik is unwell. (Mark and Wendy also expressed their concern in a Skye conversation from Florida yesterday. Mark too was unwell - a bad cold - so they are flying back to California later, ie Wednesday evening.) Meanwhile it was great to see David enjoying a visit to his firstgra
6 years, 10 months ago, 1 Comments

Image not availableRe: Airline PR disaster (evis)
Simon - Is there a way I can forward this to a friend of mine, who just happens to be a PR executive for United (and who luckily has a good sense of humour - or I hope he still does.) MMM
7 years ago, 1 Comments

Image not availableRe: When both want mama at once (evis)
Dear Evi - Talk about having your hands full! And you look remarkably serene in spite of it all! Can't wait to meet the new young fellow! Am off next Thursday to New York and Virginia (with Rose as travel companion) but will be back in touch upon my return around September 13. Much love... Mary Moore
7 years ago, 0 Comments

Image not availableSimon and Dominick's drunken photo (evis)
My goodness - you two look like you have just gotten back from the pub! Or maybe Evi has been and Dominick is tipsy of eau de mum's milk! Love... MMM
7 years ago, 0 Comments