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Terms and Conditions

Public legal posted on Wed, 30 Apr 2008 by Simon Redfern

These terms and conditions are a work in progress!


  • Be cool
  • Don't insite violence or hatred
  • Don't violate copyright
  • Don't lie about who you are


  • Keep the rights to the material you upload (as long as its yours to start with!)
  • You can delete stuff whenever you like (it may take some time to be removed from caches etc)


  • Do our best to keep the site humming along but won't be responsible for damages if its not.
  • May place advertising on various pages here or on our partner sites.
  • May allow your content to appear on our partner sites (your privacy rules permitting).
  • Will co-operate with the authorities if dodgy stuff appears here.
  • Will remove offensive material (our definition).
  • May modify these terms and conditions.

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