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i took a quick look at the direct evis page today....

Public chatter posted on Mon, 20 Oct 2008 by Mao

i took a quick look at the direct evis page today. just a couple of quick thoughts: it's starting to look really nice. jt's done a great job at writing the design css. the color-coding is nice. it's obvious where the message is located. and the "incoming" and "outgoing" at the top of the page is really nice, too. i really like it. one thing about that: i wish it was bigger and perhaps a little more stylized...perhaps like the "sent" and "inbox" headings on the node home page: bolded and a little bigger in size. also, the date isn't as quickly noticeable where it's currently placed. perhaps putting it below the node picture, or highlighting it? you're doing a great job!-m

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    hey mao. nice to hear from you. glad you like it. :-) we are gradually moving towards your designs. actually i removed the incoming / outgoing because a user tester was confused by it. - but maybe it needs better styling. for now i think its ok. i've had several real world conversations with outsiders ooooooh and they seem to get it.

    - SimonRedfern (Simon Redfern) 7 years, 12 months ago (Permalink)